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Pyrmont Botox Injections at Star Cosmetic Medicine 107 Harris Street.

Pyrmont Star Cosmetic Medicine Pyrmont Botox Injections at Star Cosmetic Medicine 107 Harris Street.I love Pyrmont. It is a little peninsula tucked away right next to the city but it still has its own village atmosphere.  A place of contrasts. Grand old heritage buildings stand proudly next to modern apartments. Sidewalk cafes complete with Darling Harbour. Where you can walk to work in the city in the morning but you still know the names of your neighbours and that guy that makes you coffee in the morning. Where you can have a barbeque with the family during the day at the local park and head up to the Star Casino for cocktails at night.

What I was not expecting was there to be a doctor in Pyrmont that can take away your wrinkles before you head off for those cocktails. I have recently discovered a little doctor’s surgery on Harris Street that specialises in Botox injections. It is located in a gorgeous old original Pyrmont sandstone terrace at 107 Harris St.

The clinic’s name is Pyrmont Cosmetic Clinic. Until earlier this year, I thought that having wrinkle injections was something either too painful, too expensive or some horrible combinations of the two. In the first few minutes after meeting the doctor there – Mariusz Gajewski – I was put a lot at ease.  It is a small practice, but Dr Gajewski puts a lot of effort to explain everything so it  makes sense. He is happy to show some before and after pics of his actual consenting patients.

He puts at lot of time getting to know what I want rather than what can be done which are often not the same things. He knows most of his patient’s by name (which is embarrassing as I still cannot pronounce his) and he seems genuinely interested in getting the best outcome at minimal cost.

The clinic is not the usual doctor’s surgery either. Polished wooden floors, big comfy leather couches and sandstone walls make it a nice change from the usual plastic chairs and old New Ideas of the usual doctor’s practice.

He charges $12.50 per unit which is a lot less than what my friends are paying in North Sydney. But more importantly Dr Gajewski tries to make the results of  the wrinkle injections look ‘natural’ and in harmony with your own face. Although I would never tell them directly, some of my friends can sometimes look a bit ‘frozen’ after Botox. I was delighted to find out there is a happy medium between wrinkles and too much relaxation.

And do they hurt? Anything involving needles is no massage but compared to having my eyebrows waxed- give me wrinkle injections any day. For my birthday I am thinking about having my lips enhanced. Just slightly. I have heard that Star Cosmetic Medicine is not too bad at that too… Jennifer

(02) 9518 4984

0416 111 476Mobile

107 Harris Street
Pyrmont, Sydney NSW 2009

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