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Pyrmont Cafes or Glebe Cafes and Funky Bookshops?

gleebooks in glebe Pyrmont Cafes or Glebe Cafes and Funky Bookshops?sydney bookshops Pyrmont Cafes or Glebe Cafes and Funky Bookshops?

Winter – the perfect time for us in Pyrmont to snuggle up inside with a good book – an old favourite, a new bestseller, something to read to the kids, or even a beautiful antiquarian book. Whatever it is you’re after, chances are that you’ll find it at either of Gleebooks’ two stores on Glebe Point Road. Anyone who spends time in Glebe will know the stores – the second-hand bookshop at number 191, musty with the intoxicating smell of old books, and the newer store at number 49, two levels overflowing with works of literature, bestsellers and design tomes.

One of Sydney’s most famous independent bookshops, Gleebooks began life over thirty years ago, in 1975, as the second-hand bookshop on Glebe Point Road. But of course, one store was never going to satisfy demand – before long a second store, selling new books, opened down the road, and the second-hand bookshop was expanded to sell children’s books. Gleebooks at Sydney Theatre, and most recently Gleebooks at Blackheath followed. So loved is Gleebooks that it has four times been awarded Australian Bookseller of the Year, and is this year’s ABIA Australian Bookseller of the Year.

gleebooks 140x140 Pyrmont Cafes or Glebe Cafes and Funky Bookshops?Upstairs, at the new bookstore on Glebe Point Road, free book launches take place most weeks, and literary events are staged by Gleebooks at the NSW Teacher’s Federation Auditorium in Surry Hills regularly. The events cost a mere $7 to $15, and give the opportunity to hear local and international authors, such as Germaine Greer and David Sedaris speak.

And then there’s Gleebooks Online – the website, active since 1996, hosts a wealth of information and goodies. From book and DVD reviews, to Gleaner, the online magazine, and staff news and competitions, the website is just as easy to get lost browsing through as the stores. You can even shop online and have books delivered right to your doorstep – an easy alternative to that supports local business.

If you’re a true book-fanatic and this all sounds just like your cup of tea, you might like to sign up for Gleeclub membership – which entitles you to 10% off all purchases, tickets to literary events, and even a 10% credit on purchases – what book lover could ask for more?

So, whether browsing well-loved, second-hand books on a Sunday morning, flicking through gorgeous coffee table books, picking up the latest best seller online, or immersing yourself in the world of book launches and literary events, Gleebooks looks like the place to be.

pyrmont bookshops Pyrmont Cafes or Glebe Cafes and Funky Bookshops?bookshops pyrmont1 285x192 Pyrmont Cafes or Glebe Cafes and Funky Bookshops?

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