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Pyrmont Fitness: Shed Some Pounds the SEDADANCE Way

fitness pyrmont seda bellyrobics class2 Pyrmont Fitness: Shed Some Pounds the SEDADANCE Way Hey Pyrmont People, if you’re tired and bored of your usual exercise routine and the gym gives you the creeps, then thank Seda for SEDADANCE BellyRobics™. Now, shedding kilos and keeping fit just got easier and fun.

First introduced in Australia in 2002 by globe-trotting ace belly dance performer and instructor Seda Jurin, SEDADANCE BellyRobics™ is the unique fusion of the ancient art of Turkish belly dance, aerobic techniques, Seda’s modern signatures moves with a bit of yoga thrown in.  This combination, which she developed way back in Turkey, helps strengthen and tone abs, back, arm and leg muscles while increasing flexibility and improving posture. Belly dance adds innovativeness, freshness, charm and gracefulness to an otherwise totally high-intensity aerobics workout.

Seda runs private, group classes, and nine-week SEDADANCE BellyRobics courses in Sydney, with the latest starting 1 June 2009. These classes are unique as Seda injects new and exciting moves and constantly reinvents her teaching program to match current times. Soon she would be offering teacher training courses which other instructors can use as a platform to teach SEDADANCE to more students. “Sharing my skills and expertise is my way of giving something back to the community,” she adds. She will be introducing a teacher training program soon.

“Dance is in me, Dance is my name” beams Seda, who learned belly dancing at age three, with three generations of professional belly dancers in the family before her.

Seda spills 25 years of performing, teaching, judging and choreography experience in her SEDADANCE performances and classes around the world.  Some of today’s seasoned belly dancers in the country first learned the cabaret and gypsy styles of Turkish belly dance from Seda’s workshops. A judge in 2003’s “First Belly Dance Competition,” Australia’s grandest of its kind to date, Seda introduced belly dance in the fitness industry four years ago through the internationally popular fitness television show Aerobics Oz Style (Channel 10). This two-year coaching stint led to Seda’s first international DVD, “Aerobics OZ Style Belly Dance For Fitness,” followed by the recently released “Belly Dancing for Baby” DVD. The latter is Seda’s first offering as an independent producer of belly dance fitness media resources and merchandise.

belly dancing pyrmont seda teaching bellyrobics Pyrmont Fitness: Shed Some Pounds the SEDADANCE Way fitness pyrmont seda stretching a taken from belly dancing for baby dvd shoot Pyrmont Fitness: Shed Some Pounds the SEDADANCE Way

What many may not know is for centuries whilst belly dance has been performed in the ancient East by women during family and community celebrations, it is also conducted as part of birthing rites. With that in mind, women can squeeze the extra benefit of a better and healthier natural childbirth from gyrating gypsy and cabaret style. Seda offers exclusive workshops for pregnant and new mothers, the recent of which were conducted for Birthing Rites Australia and Holdsworth Community Centre.

For Seda too, belly dancing helped her to stay fit after giving birth to her daughter Serra nine years ago. “Personally for me belly dancing, with its soothing music, is also therapeutic being an artistic form of expression and personal release of mental and physical fatigue,” she attests. In addition, this dance art also boosts self-confidence, mental and emotional wellbeing, whilst being a tool for self-expression and reconnecting with your femininity.

To lose that unwanted flab and get fit while smiling then check out or enquire now at

Article written by Gurjeet Lovely Bansal.

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2 Responses to “Pyrmont Fitness: Shed Some Pounds the SEDADANCE Way”

  1. Bella Says:

    This particular belly dancing concept looks very interesting and exciting!!! Finally a new way to exercise other then going to the gym!Just like a lot of women out there I dread having to go to the gym and being stuck doing routines exercise… since I love dancing and learning about different cultures I believe this will finally be something to look forward to and at the same time I will be getting fit. I am interested to know where I can purchase the BellyRobics DVDs and when are the classes on?! Cant wait to join and tell all my friends about it! :)

  2. don Says:

    Bella, their website is the best option.

    Latest News, Class times, etc, its all there. Go Check it Out!

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