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Pyrmont Good Living Growers Market Fresh

pyrmont growers markets Pyrmont Good Living Growers Market Freshgrowers markets Pyrmont Good Living Growers Market Fresh

The beautiful days of spring are here making it a perfect time to enjoy the local farmers market. From seven till eleven a.m., the first Saturday of every month, over eighty stalls are bursting with a wide variety of produce, gourmet meats, cheeses and breads at the Good Living Growers Market in Pyrmont. Whether you’re a cooking expert or a cooking novice, at the Growers Market you are guaranteed to find ingredients that are fresh, seasonal and local. One of the good things about buying local fresh organic produce is you have to do less work to make delicious food.

One of the top markets in Sydney, the Good Living Growers Market gives shoppers the opportunity to talk with growers and learn exactly where their dinner is coming from. This is ideal for those who may just be transitioning into healthier eating habits.

You’ve gone to the farmers market and chatted with growers about your food and where it comes from, but how do you cook it? Here are some ideas to help make cooking a little easier for Growers Market beginners.

Prep and plan ahead of time

In order to make eating for an entire week or an entire month a breeze it helps to prep food ahead of time. This can also be made into a fun social event. There is a lot to see and do at the Good Living Growers Market, so it shouldn’t be too hard to convince friends to make a day of it. A shopping and cooking party is a great opportunity to bond and try new recipes. Plus all the big pots and pans full of food you and your friends generate can be divided between you, stored into plastic storage containers, frozen, and later popped in the microwave.

Organic produce because it lacks preservatives tends to go bad pretty quickly. A good way to make produce last a while is to freeze it. Vegetables like capsicums, corn, carrots, green beans, peas etc., can be cut, blanched and then frozen. Blanching is scalding the vegetables in water for a short period of time. This is a very important step in freezing vegetables to ensure proper flavour. These vegetables can later be easily incorporated into quick stir fry’s, pastas, casseroles, stews etc. Fruit also can be frozen in this way, and later included in smoothies or desserts.

Another preserving technique is to roast vegetables like capsicums, garlic or onion and put them into olive oil with seasoning. This olive oil vegetable mixture can be used in a variety of dishes including spreads and salads.

Get involved in local cooking and healthy living organisations

Slow Food Sydney is an organisation that promotes local culinary traditions and organises events around slow food education. Slow Food Sydney regularly tables at the Good Living Growers Market making it easy to get more information about the types of things the organisation is involved in.

Cook and Stay offers easy accessible cooking classes for beginners.

Become a fan of the food/recipe blog

Food blogs are a great way to get ideas for recipes and learn how to make new things. Many of them not only have step by step instructions, but often they will send recipes to your email inbox.

They key overall to changing to a healthier eating style is educating yourself, having patience around the process of preparing meals, and developing community with others with similar interests.

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