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Pyrmont Green Events: 2009 Green Roast Comedy Night

green events green roast Pyrmont Green Events: 2009 Green Roast Comedy NightHey there Pyrmont People! If you feel like a good laugh and want to support a very worthy cause at the same time – The Wilderness Society – get along to the Green Roast stand-up comedy extravaganza on Tuesday night, 28 July.

The night will kick off with renowned humorist, Wendy Harmer. It will also feature national and international stand-up comedians including visiting American comedians Andrew Norelli and Mike Vecchione as well as great Australian comedians joking about all things environmental.

And, if you are a left-leaning, tree-hugging “greenie” you are fair game for good-hearted ridicule.

Enjoy a great laugh – “laugh ’til you’re green” – and know that all proceeds from the night will go to The Wilderness Society’s environmental campaigns.

Comedy Store Sydney, The Entertainment Quarter, Building 207/ 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park, Sydney NSW 2021
Time: Bar opens at 7:00pm, door opens at 7.30pm, show starts at 8.00pm
Ticket Price: $35
Bookings are essential – visit or call 02 9357 1419

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One Response to “Pyrmont Green Events: 2009 Green Roast Comedy Night”

  1. Lucy Says:

    My friend went here the other day, he said it was great! He was telling me all those stand up comedians were genius, the last guy on was his favourite. It must be really hard to hire a comedian who can make the whole crowd laugh in stitches. He reconed that there should have been an awards ceremony where the crowd would get the chance to heckle the comedians! Anyway thanks again, this was much better than corporate entertainment I usually get from those corporate parties. Lol.

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