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Pyrmont Mothers: Acupuncturist Rebecca Mar Young Explains Natural Treatments for Pregnancy

Acpuncture for Pregnancy Pyrmont Mothers: Acupuncturist Rebecca Mar Young Explains Natural Treatments for Pregnancy Pyrmont mothers and mums-to-be, pregnancy is a time for rest and relaxation, a time to get to know your growing baby and a time of much change. Yet many women are working harder than ever before and going about life as relatively normal.

Usually no one knows they are pregnant for the first twelve weeks, which can often be the toughest, as they may be experiencing extreme tiredness due to making the organ systems of a new little human being. They may be feel nauseous or worse, need to vomit regularly which can be a nightmare when they are still working.

Fortunately Chinese medicine is an effective natural form of medicine that has been around for thousands of years. In the early days it is normal to feel tired, however as the pregnancy progresses their energy should return. If after week twelve they’re still tired, then they could consider the benefits of Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture is one of the main techniques used in Chinese medicine. It uses very fine needles to clear blockages, supplement energy and disperse energy along the meridian system. Chinese medicine views your body in a unique way. These meridians are lines of invisible energy that traverse the body interconnecting with each other and with their respective organ. There are twelve main ones: the Bladder and Kidney which form the water element, the Liver and Gall Bladder which form the Spring element, the Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Energiser and Pericardium which form the Fire element, the Spleen and Stomach which form the Earth element and the Large Intestine and Lung which form the Metal element. Together they make up the anatomy of your energetic body that has an impact on your physical body.

Morning sickness is seen as “energy” going the wrong way – it is digestive energy coming up, instead of going down and out. Acupuncture is used in this instance to re-establish a balance of your organs and meridians so that your digestive energy goes the right way – down. Consequently you feel much better.

Later in pregnancy it can be common to experience swelling in the hands and feet. This is a sign that the digestive energy is weak as it’s having trouble dealing with the extra fluid that comes with pregnancy. This means your Spleen will need strengthening and this is achieved with acupuncture and diet. Specific points are also needled to help the body deal with the fluid and usually this is resolved within five days of the first treatment.

Pregnancy is a time when many unusual symptoms may arise that you haven’t had before. Since Chinese medicine views the body in such a unique way, it is able to deal with these symptoms at the same time as strengthening your body so they don’t continue. There are fertility acupuncture treatments available to help your body get ready for a natural birth too.

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