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Pyrmont People go watch the “Reluctant Fundamentalist” at Dendy Opera Quays

reluctant fundamentalist review 03 285x161 Pyrmont People go watch the Reluctant Fundamentalist at Dendy Opera Quays


Turned up to this flick last minute, at the Dendy in Circular Quay and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In 2013,  T’is time to finally to get a glimpses into the forgotten people, the people in whose lands,  the “War On Terror” is being actively prosecuted. Yes, it is just a movie never the less, it is time we in the west started, peering behind the official narrative on the “War On Terror”……Not every Muslim is a terrorist, which is akin to Not every Australian is racist….

So to the plot line… in a nutshell ”

A Pakistani academic (Riz Ahmed) tells a suspicious reporter (Liev Schreiber) about his time on Wall Street, and how his love for America soured after 9/11. A leaden, didactic adaptation of Mohsin Hamid’s novel.

Nicked the above speel from the independent…

I came away on a freezing, Sydney winter’s night highly optimistic about the future…Surely films like this can kick start conversations and possibly dialogue here in the west about the absolutely futileness of  these crazy wars, and the unforeseen ravages they cause.

Anyway, have rambled on enough. Here is the link to the scheduled showings :

PS, if you are at all interested in the unforeseen,  and sometimes brutal reality of  the war on terror,   The amazing journalists at The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, are the go to guys. Here is a brilliant example of their work  illuminating the “secret US drone warfare programme” in Pakistan:








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