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Pyrmont Real Estate

There are a number of different options when it comes to living in Pyrmont, and different choices will suit different people. While there isn’t much for garden fanatics seeking wide-open spaces and room for a big dog, or those with McMansion designs, it is possible to accommodate quite a decent sized family in this harbour-side suburb. Here are some of the options when it comes to living in Pyrmont, from shoe-boxes to palatial apartments.


43 Pyrmont Real Estate

There aren’t substantial numbers of studios in Pyrmont, but those that are around go for quite cheap. (Generally under the $250,000 mark). Pyrmont studios are of a fairly standard size, between 29-35 square metres and are often in large apartment complexes with resort-style facilities. Renting a studio apartment in Pyrmont will set you back a little over $300 per week.

Standard 1-2 Bedroom Apartments:

44 Pyrmont Real Estate

A standard 1-2 bedroom apartment in Pyrmont will set you back between $310,000 and $600,000. Most of these apartments are fairly spacious, upwards of 55squaremeters for a one bedroom and seventy five square metres for a two bedroom. There are plenty of apartments in this category to be found in Pyrmont, and they generally tend to be located in large, secure apartment blocks with resort-style facilities. Common features include bathtubs, small balconies, built-ins and open plan kitchens. It is possible to find cheaper, smaller apartments in Pyrmont (they are often in older buildings), but they certainly aren’t as common as their more expensive cousins.

Warehouse Conversions:

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Pyrmont’s warehouse conversions tend to be a little pricier than a standard apartment, costing upwards of $400,000 for a one bedroom, and often over $600,000 for a two-bedder. Warehouse conversions feature ultra-trendy interior design, high-end fittings, and soaring ceilings. Often split-level, these homes are compared to New York style lofts. They are less likely to have balconies, or roof-top gardens than apartments in larger complexes, but on the plus side, they have more space, thicker walls, and polished wooden floors.

Luxury Apartments:

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Pyrmont’s luxury apartments can cost well over the million dollar mark. Pyrmont’s luxury apartments have harbour views, spacious in-complex private gardens, spa-baths, expansive balconies and all the other trappings of wealth. They tend to be located in new, or near new complexes near the harbour. Like standard apartments, Pyrmont’s luxury apartment complexes come with resort facilities, which are often ultra high end in themselves. How much you will pay depends on a number of factors, but prices start at around $700,000 for a large one bedder. Luxury penthouse apartments in Pyrmont have been known to sell for $4,000,000.


47 Pyrmont Real Estate

While certainly not as prevalent as apartments, those who prefer the comfort and ground-level feeling of a house still have plenty of options in Pyrmont. Like the rest of the inner-suburbs, terraces dominate the Pyrmont house market, and they range from about $600,000 for un-renovated 2 bedders to over a million for state of the art, refurbished, three bedroom numbers. Pyrmont’s terraces vary wildly when it comes to features, but almost all have small back gardens.

For more information on Pyrmont real estate visit the real estate section of our site.

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