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Pyrmont Resident Piper O’Neill is Mrs. AUSTRALIA Globe and has Global Appeal

Piper ONeill Pyrmont Resident Pyrmont Resident Piper ONeill is Mrs. AUSTRALIA Globe and has Global Appeal What does the world of pageants and the world of abuse have in common?  The answer is that they are both misunderstood. But in August 2010 in Melbourne, Australia, the two worlds will come together for the good of both, at Mrs. Globe 2010. By the end of the evening, one lucky lady will be crowned the new Mrs. Australia Globe and become the National spokes model the WIN Foundation, an outreach for abuse recovery for women faced with domestic violence.

Mrs. Australia Globe finalist, Piper O’Neill is a Pyrmont resident and was selected from hundreds of applicants from around Australia. She will represent the country of Australia at the international event in Cypress, Greece if crowned at the national competition in August.  In addition to her crown, she more importantly serves as the national spokesperson for the WIN Foundation,

“My goal as Mrs. Australia Globe is to support the WIN Foundation of Australia and raise awareness of domestic violence here in Australia. Our national statistics show that abuse is happening here, but the biggest problem we face is that most women will not report domestic violence from their partner.  (Australian Bureau of Statistics).  They (i.e. the woman faced with abuse) prefer to handle it alone.  That however is why at W.I.N. we call abuse, ‘The worst kept secret’ because women in abuse learn to keep a lot of them.”

Piper was born to an Australian father and an American mother in Portland, Oregon USA. Piper moved to Sydney 6 years ago at the age of 21.  “I have always been very proud of my Australian heritage. This is such a beautiful country and a melting pot of so many different cultures coming together.  It doesn’t matter where you were born or what accent you have, but where your heart is. Having the title of being Mrs Australia would not only be a wonderful experience but it can be used as a vehicle for reaching our communities because of its incredible exposure.”

As a finalist Piper is hosting a National ‘Celebrating Women’ morning tea, supporting the WIN Foundation on Sunday, 2 May at the Vaucluse House Tea Rooms. All the proceeds of this event will donated to the WIN Foundation of Australia to help establish programs in Australia to teach self esteem and self respect classes to young woman. If you wish to attend this event, please contact Piper:

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