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Pyrmont Shoppers, have you considered Ethical Shopping for a Better World

not tested on animals logo Pyrmont Shoppers, have you considered Ethical Shopping for a Better Worldfairtrade logo Pyrmont Shoppers, have you considered Ethical Shopping for a Better Worldcertified organic logo Pyrmont Shoppers, have you considered Ethical Shopping for a Better World

Ethical shopping is an empowering and exciting concept. It operates on the principle that spending money is like voting. So, if you buy cage eggs, you’re voting for animal cruelty. If you buy certain brands of clothing, you’re voting for sweatshop labour. And if you buy a gas-guzzling car, you’re a fan of global warming.

In principle, this works well, and it’s true – with the millions of dollars spent on market research and advertising, it’s clear that big companies do care about what consumers value. But buying ethically can be expensive, and while it’s likely that no one really wants chickens to live and die in horrible conditions, when it comes to spending that extra money, a lot of the time we can’t afford it.

This seems to create an insoluble problem, and one that might compel busy people to give up on bringing their ethics to the supermarket. Think of it as conscious shopping, though, and it might become a little easier.

If you are conscious of the ramifications of the money you spend, you can make wiser choices, and you don’t have to be wealthy. An offshoot of the ethical shopping movement is conscious consuming. This concept centres on being aware of how you spend your money, and what you do to earn it. It advocates a simpler life, finding more satisfaction in things that are free – the best things, as the saying goes, like relationships with friends and family.

The movement advocates abandoning the relentless and fruitless drive to find satisfaction in endless consumption. Practitioners of this lifestyle argue that choosing to spend less in some areas frees you to make better buying decisions in others. So you don’t buy the enormous plasma screen tv, but you do buy organic fruit and vegetables. You might not buy the latest gadget, but you’ll enjoy scouring second hand bookshops for favourite books you had as a kid. It really sounds like a richer and more rewarding way of living.

Ethical or conscious shopping is not just limited to groceries of course. Banks and petroleum companies are also responding to their customer’s concern for the environment, and proudly advertise their green credentials. Sometimes these are genuine, but it’s as important as ever to read the fine. Some companies are accused of using ‘green wash’ to persuade customers that they are ethical businesses, so be sure to check that they’re not flaunting one area of good behaviour to distract from their less appealing practices.

So there you Go, Pyrmont Resident It’s your money, your health, and your life. Don’t let businesses put profits before your well-being. Keep informed, and keep them on their toes. Happy shopping!

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