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Pyrmont Sustainable Living: Sydney LETS Trading Day on 18 April

Pyrmont Swap Meet1 Pyrmont Sustainable Living: Sydney LETS Trading Day on 18 AprilSydney LETS1 Pyrmont Sustainable Living: Sydney LETS Trading Day on 18 April

Sydney & Illawarra LETS (Local Energy Trading Sydney) is a vibrant trading system that allows people to trade skills and goods using a local currency called Operas. LETS is like a combination of the best aspects of money and bartering.  Barter is a simple one-to-one exchange – I cook for you in return for you digging my garden. Bartering is lovely, but not always easy to arrange. It can be hard to find things of equal value to trade directly. LETS is different – I cook for John; John digs Mary’s garden; Mary cuts Joe’s hair; Joe fixes Lenny’s car; Lenny sells me vegetables and so on around the system. Trades are recorded in an online account (similar to a bank account) and members are free to spend their Operas on anything they like, it doesn’t have to be a direct exchange.

LETS members advertise their goods and services via a online trading post (similar to Gumtree). Offers in Sydney LETS include babysitting, massage, personal trainer, gardening, holiday accommodation, mending, business services, DVDs, books, clothes, dinners, cakes, cookies, etc. After completing a trade the seller debits the buyers account directly. All members have accounts that record their transactions as they buy and sell from members in Sydney and beyond.

Sydney has four trading days a year and the next one is Sunday the 18th of April at The Factory Community Centre in Waterloo. Trading days are just like a market. You’ll find food, books, CDs, clothes, handmade art and craft for sale – but it’s all traded using Operas instead of money.  If you’re curious, come along and see for yourself. If you like what you see you can sign up on the day and start trading right away. We encourage people to spend before they earn, so you might manage to pick up some goodies on the day.

Sydney LETS Trading Day
When: Sunday, 18 April 2010
Where: The Factory Community Centre, 67 Raglan St, Waterloo NSW 2017
Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm
More information about LETS is available at our website:

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