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Pyrmont Village and Clover’s Vision

2030logo 285x196 Pyrmont Village and Clovers VisionEarlier this year I was at a Community Forum held by the City of Sydney when Clover Moore spoke about Sustainable Sydney 2030. Since then we have heard much about the vision for a green, global and connected Sydney.

GREEN with a minimal environmental impact, green with trees, parks, gardens and linked open spaces, green by example and green by reputation.

GLOBAL in economic orientation, global in links and knowledge exchange, global and open-minded in outlook and attitude.

CONNECTED physically by walking, cycling and high quality public transport, connected ‘virtually’ by world-class telecommunications, connected to communities through a sense of belonging and social well being.

Currently, banners fly in Sydney City to reinforce this message.

The vision was developed after a comprehensive community consultation program by the City of Sydney, involving tens of thousands of people during the past 12 months. During this consultation, the community expressed that they wanted a city that is sustainable – environmentally, economically, socially, and culturally. According to Mayor Clover Moore, the plan involves 10 Key Directions, 10 main Project Ideas and 5 Big Moves.

We here at Pyrmont Village are very supportive of an environmentally responsible Sydney comprising vibrant, green local communities and economies that is being proposed. Each local “village” will have a different character and an important economic and employment role.

To find out more visit or visit the 2030 Exhibition at Customs House until 30 May 2008.

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