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Pyrmont Village Sponsors Pyrmont Art Festival

pyrmont art festival image Pyrmont Village Sponsors Pyrmont Art Festival pyrmont art festival image 2 Pyrmont Village Sponsors Pyrmont Art Festival is very pleased to announce that it is one of the proud sponsors of the 2nd annual Pyrmont Art Festival to be held in Union Square this Saturday, 3 May from 10:00am to 4:00pm. This sponsorship reinforces our core mission of “supporting my community”, this being the community of the wonderful village of Pyrmont.

The Pyrmont Art Festival is based on the theme “Small is Beautiful”, whereby artists are invited to submit a piece of artwork on a small canvas (310mm by 310mm) for which they pay a minimal entry fee. Entry forms are available in City News. Entrants who submit their artwork are asked to price the value of their work. On the day the public is able to purchase the artworks, and artists keep 75% of the sale value of their artwork. In addition, all entrants automatically compete in the Pyrmont Art Prize with over $8000 worth of cash and in kind prizes donated by local Pyrmont and Ultimo businesses.

Participating artists include a range of both established and emerging artists. The curator of the Pyrmont Arts Festival is Leslie Dimmick, who has operated the Tap Gallery in Darlinghurst for over 20 years.

This year the Pyrmont Art Prize will be judged by local Pyrmont resident, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor, the Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art and by Dawn Casey, the new Director of the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo. A People’s Choice Prize will also be selected.

There will also be some wonderful music acts to add flavour on the day so make sure you come along and join in the fun and maybe even start you own art collection with the purchase of one the pieces of artwork!

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