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Pyrmont Wholistic Seminar: “How do I live Longer, Younger…”@ Sanctuary Clinic

Pyrmont Sanctuary Pyrmont Wholistic Seminar: How do I live Longer, Younger...@ Sanctuary Clinic

If we accept that eating well and exercising equals health success then why are so many of us falling short of this goal? Where is the disconnect? Why do people repeatedly embrace the weight-loss rollercoaster and dizziness of yo-yo dieting? Why is Australia the fattest nation in the world with more than 26% of people obese? Why do only 1% Australian women call themselves beautiful? Why do people go to the gym less than 30 times on the average 12 month membership? Why do more than 80% of people fail diets? Why are we more stressed, depressed and chronically sleep deprived than ever before? Where are we going wrong?

One of the main culprits of health imbalance is that people fail to embrace the principle of ‘begin as you wish to continue’.

Whenever you start a diet or exercise routine ask yourself ‘Can I see myself doing this in SIX WEEKS, six months or six years time? Be honest with yourself as to whether this is something you can see yourself sustaining and investing into for the long-term. Sure recruit professional and social health to kick start you, but in doing so plan for a long-term commitment to health not a one month ‘quick fix’.

A huge part of ‘beginning as you wish to continue’ is about addressing the whole person; looking at all of the parts that make us human, happy and healthy. Sure you might know the entire do’s and dont’s of exercise or diet – we do live in an information saturated society – but if your emotional life is in chaos or you’re feeling entirely overwhelmed with work stress then it’s these areas that may need to be addressed first. Aren’t we sometimes just the most well-intentioned creatures! Address your whole person and you’ll hit a winner with your health success!

Another major culprit of compromised health goals is the age-old excuse of “I have no time”. Oh haven’t I heard that one played on repeat. Despite being granted the same quota of 24 hrs per day, some of us ‘get it, live it and love it’ in the area of our health and for others, it’s an uphill climb. So often it’s our health that falls victim to the battle of competing priorities, particularly in this fast-paced city life with everything and everyone wanting a piece of us. I repeatedly hear people share that they ‘have no time’ to exercise, prepare meals or rest. The funny thing is that those very things that drop off our time budget actually buy us more time, through far greater quality, vitality and productivity of life.

Ultimately time is our most precious resource and we should invest it into areas that align with our greater vision and purpose for our lives – maybe health does fall into this equation for you maybe not?

Dan Buettner, New York Times best-selling author of ‘The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest’ will be putting an end to the mystery of the recipe for health success and answering the question of:

How do I live Longer, Younger, Better?’ at Sanctuary Sanitarium on Monday September 27th at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm.

A little taster of his health success recipe for you to sample now is found in the ‘Power of 9’:

1. Move (find ways to move mindlessly, make moving unavoidable)
2. Plan de Vida (know your purpose in life)
3. Down Shift (work less, slow down, rest, take vacation)
4. 80% Rule (stop eating when you’re 80% full)
5. Plant-Power (more vegies, less protein and processed foods)
6. Red Wine (consistency and moderation)
7. Belong (create a healthy social network)
8. Beliefs (spiritual or religious participation)
9. Your Tribe (make family a priority)

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