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Pyrmont’s Union Square gets a reprieve via a Green Ban from CFMEU

Pyrmont Construction Workers Pyrmonts Union Square gets a reprieve via a Green Ban from CFMEU

According to Fairfax’s urban affairs reporter Paul Bibby, A GREEN ban has been imposed on the site the State Government has chosen for the CBD Metro station in Pyrmont. The ban, by the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), places quite considerable pressure on  David Campbell, the Transport Minister, to find another site.  Paul goes on to state that on Monday union members from the CFMEU decided to refuse to take part in the demolition of four Victorian terraces in Union Square, where the Government plans to build the station entrance.

The CFMEU’s NSW construction division’s president, Peter McClelland, said the ban, which came into force immediately, was necessary to protect the 130-year-old buildings. Green bans were created by Australian builders unions in the early 1970s, and were credited with saving a number of heritage areas around Sydney, including The Rocks. The ban means no construction workers who belong to the union will demolish the buildings. An interim ban is in place now, and Mr McClelland stated that he expects the union’s members to endorse a permanent work ban for the site at a meeting later this month.

Other possible locations that could be considered include the Star City Casino and a vacant block in Harris Street.

Personally I am all for more investment in public transport, as opposed to expensive corporate owned tollways, however when trains inbound with commuters into the city from out west are packed and over crowded every day during peak hour and the same on weekends, some fundamental questions really need to be asked.

For more detailed information: check out the Save our Square website and the CBD Metro Website.

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2 Responses to “Pyrmont’s Union Square gets a reprieve via a Green Ban from CFMEU”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Great to see that even in this day and age, something as simple as a green ban can stop what is a modern day sacred sitefrom being destroyed. Why is it that aboriginals are the only ones that actually give a hoot about their sacred sites, where as we just go through and demolish our heritage and our culture. Why?

  2. don Says:

    Hey Dennis, Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. Yes destroying what little is left of this very young country’s heritage is a terrible thing. I am not so sure the objectives in this instance are sound or indeed justify the means.

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