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Rise Up Opens in Chippendale: Pyrmont People are you Up to the Challenge?

bronwyn rise up productions2 Rise Up Opens in Chippendale: Pyrmont People are you Up to the Challenge?Pyrmont Village recently spoke to founder and director of Rise Up Productions, Bronwyn Darlington, to get the scoop. Rise Up Productions design and produce a range of sustainable and ethically manufactured products, with all profits going to registered aid, humanitarian, medical research and environmental organisations such as World Vision, Habitat for Humanity, Opportunity International and The Fred Hollows Foundation. They use fairtrade organic cotton, sustainable textiles, manufacturing in Australia is in a No Sweatshop certified facility, their products are carbon neutral and they are certified Low Co2.

Bronwyn began as a consultant in the area of sustainability in the mining industry. In searching for eco-ethically produced t-shirts for her teenage son, she was astonished to find how difficult it was to find a sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturer that met the supply chain standards that she believed were important. So she started her own range and Rise Up was created.

“The philosophy is simple: you can change the world you live in by what you buy. By simply buying from the range of fashion, school uniforms, linen and promotional apparel, consumers can preserve the planet and help those with the greatest needs,” says Bronwyn.

The Rise Up Design Model

  • Inclusive: An inclusive design approach to bring into the design process those who are outside of the conventional design community and often marginalised.
  • Collaboration: Rise Up seeks out designers who have the same goals as they do and helps them to bring their design to life by using the Rise Up manufacturing model.
  • Innovation: The innovation process is driven by the key question: what is the most sustainable method to complete this part of the garment? This has resulted in redesigning care labels, swing tags and the use of recycled fabrics.
  • Commercial: Rise Up is green and ethical but they do not design green. Everything they make must have the “I want that” appeal.

Opening of Store in Chippendale

Rise Up began as an online retailer but a major challenge was that consumers have been unable to touch the fabric of the clothing. They are now are opening a store and showroom in 67-69 Regent Street, Chippendale, and customers now have the opportunity to try on the clothes and see how they look and feel.

There are some entirely new ranges of clothing being designed for the store and it will function like a concept store. These include sleepwear, streetwear, homewares, thongs and ceramics. Leading up to Christmas the store will be showcasing new designers. The showroom will display their range of promotional products made from organic cotton, fairtrade organic cotton or natural materials – these include polo shirts, caps, mugs, bags and t-shirts.

“The shop is called “Rise Up” and is based on our belief that consumers have the power to create a more harmonious, equitable and sustainable world, beginning right now with their everyday purchase decisions. The first step is to rise up and take the challenge.”

The store opening launch is on Thursday, 28 August. The store will be Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 5:30pm, and they will probably open on Saturdays heading into Summer. They will also have a stall at Paddington markets from September onwards so check them out there.

If people would like to volunteer for the markets, shop or just in the office Bronwyn would love to hear from you.

Rise Up Productions
Store & Showroom: 67-69 Regent Street, Chippendale Sydney
Opening Times: Mon-Fri, 9:30am – 5:30pm
Online Store:
T: (02) 9698 8831
0403 642 888
F: (02) 9475 4480

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