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Sailing Sydney Harbour from Pyrmont – All Aboard

corporate sailing events pyrmont Sailing Sydney Harbour from Pyrmont   All Aboard What to do on a sunny afternoon in Pyrmont? How about sailing Sydney Harbour and enjoying fabulous food and wine with your friends or work colleagues.

This is exactly what I had the opportunity to do recently with some great people. We met in the Terrace Room at the Australian National Maritime Museum. This superb venue has floor to ceiling windows looking out onto amazing views of Darling Harbour and the city skyline – yes, very nice! Here we enjoyed coffee and pastries by Bayleaf Catering before boarding our luxury yacht with Sydney by Sail – located at Festival Pontoon at the National Maritime Museum and at Cockle Bay Marina in Darling Harbour – to partake in the afternoon regatta. Leaving from out the front of the Museum, we began our sailing adventure, passing the spectacular views of the city and the decommissioned naval destroyer HMAS Vampire.

Sailing out further into Sydney Harbour, we began to pick up speed which made it all the more fun! Each of us also had the opportunity to play sailor by having a go at steering the yacht….T’was very cool.   It was also great to see close up key Sydney landmarks including the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Luna Park, Kirribilli House and Garden Island. Being a Wednesday afternoon, we passed other sailing enthusiasts enjoying the gorgeous blue skies and sunshine as a backdrop. Wow, I could really get to enjoy this lifestyle permanently.

pyrmont sailing Sailing Sydney Harbour from Pyrmont   All Aboard As the afternoon meandered along our sturdy skipper took control so we could kick back and indulge in a delicious lunch and partake in yet more fine wines also provided by Bayleaf Catering – these nice people   also operate and provide the yummy menu for Yots Cafe & Bar and the adjoining Port Hole kiosk at the Maritime Museum. Before we knew it, our sensational afternoon was soon to come to an end. We headed back to Pyrmont, passing more gorgeous small coves and beaches nestled along the Sydney Harbour foreshore. Upon returning to the dock, we went back into the Terrace Room for prize-giving, canapes and more champagne. What a perfect way to end the afternoon!

If you are looking for a team building exercise or thinking about what to do for your next event, why not consider a regatta or Treasure Hunt around Sydney Harbour. Or you may simply wish to learn to sail. Either way, look no further than the harbour foreshore in Pyrmont.

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