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Shop Local in Pyrmont and Support Your Local Community

sustainable community pyrmont Shop Local in Pyrmont and Support Your Local Communityshop local in pyrmont Shop Local in Pyrmont and Support Your Local Community

So why should I shop local? What are the benefits? What is the trend towards shopping local? Gladly there is a growing propensity to shop local and support the local community.

A recent article in the Fairfax press about a Parmalat survey (global dairy company) and Michael Morrison, retail trends expert and Retail Course Director at Monash University, found that “80 per cent of Australians shop at least once per week in their local area.” Furthermore, Morrison reports that “Most of the research I’ve seen and been involved with is saying that people want to support their local retailers”.

“Village Economy” is the term Morrison uses to describe the collective of community stores including independent supermarkets, general stores, mixed businesses, bakeries, cafes, petrol and convenience stores. He explains that the “village economy” is unique to every community and that it is important to support and promote the local community.

green shopping Shop Local in Pyrmont and Support Your Local CommunityThis is similar to the view of Clover Moore’s Sustainable Sydney 2030, with Sydney seen as a “city of villages”, with each local village or community having it unique character and plays and important economic role.

So we know that shopping locally is on the rise. This is particularly evident with the increase of local growers markets in Sydney, and one of the most popular Pyrmont Growers Market on the first Saturday of each month. But what are the benefits of shopping locally? Here are some of the key ones:

1. Better for the Environment
Firstly, if you shop locally you do not need to use your petrol guzzling car or even public transport to buy your goodies. And if there is a local growers market, you can also purchase many organic, eco-friendly groceries and reduce energy-wasting long hauls.

2. Maintain Your Uniqueness
Why buy from retail chains offering homegenous products? Instead discover your local, specialty stores which offer something unique and stand out from the crowd. Morrison says that “Small is beautiful and big is out”.

3. Save Money
With ever increasing petrol prices, keep your car at home, shop local and save money. This also applies when you are considering a night out – why not enjoy the local entertainment delights. And shopping at a local growers market cuts out the middleman and reduces long haul transportation costs.

4. Build a Sustainable Community
Several studies have shown that money spent locally stays in the local economy, through wages and benefits paid to local employees and goods and services purchased from other local businesses, and also continues to strengthen the economic base of the community.

An interesting study undertaken in San Francisco showed that when consumers shift just 10% of their spending on books from chain and Internet retailers to locally owned
book retailers, “the increased economic output in the form of such things as taxes and wages would be more than $3.7 million annually, and 25 new bookselling jobs would be produced.” There were similar effects in dining areas, toys and sporting goods.

So think about where you shop. Shop locally and feel a sense of community. Support and build your community. Essentially you are voting with the dollars you spend. As Pete Mulvihill, one of the owners of Green Apple Books in the Richmond neighborhood in San Francisco says, “Where you spend your money really determines what your neighborhood is going to look like in 10 years.”

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    as a visitor I wanted to do some shopping at Pyrmont, groceries, drinks, toiletries, fruit, bread there are no addresses for any such shops on your website, or any shops

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