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Simon Johnson Pyrmont

Regarded as a benchmark for quality, the Simon Johnson wholesale and retail product ranges have increased significantly in recent times. Simon continues to import exclusively to Australia some of the world’s finest foods, including the unique fresh seasonal truffles of Perigord, and from premium brands such as Duchy Originals, Valrhona, Colonna and Ortiz, to name a few.

Simon Johnson’s own brand offers a distinctively packaged selection of products bearing the Simon Johnson name. The products are produced in the country of origin at the height of the season, when the raw ingredients are at their peak.

As an overview, the Simon Johnson brand currently includes:

  • Pasta and pasta sauces, including a new organic pasta sauce range
  • Oils, including estate bottled extra virgin olive oils
  • A range of traditional aged balsamic vinegars
  • Mustards and condiments
  • Olives and a comprehensive range of antipasto
  • Asian pastes
  • Farmhouse cheeses
  • Teas and herbal infusions
  • Sweet and savoury biscuits
  • Confectionary, including nougats, panforte and panettone

Simon Johnson now supplies more than 2,000 domestic clients, including international airlines such as Qantas, five star hotels, Australia’s most premium restaurants, caterers and retail outlets including David Jones, Harris Farm and IGA stores nationally.

Simon Johnson Pyrmont

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One Response to “Simon Johnson Pyrmont”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hi, I’m trying to track down someone who either stocks or can source Mustard Essence (essenza di senape). My search to date has drawn a blank. Can you help?

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