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Support Buy Nothing Day in Sydney, Pyrmont People

buy nothing day Support Buy Nothing Day in Sydney, Pyrmont PeopleChallenge yourself to detox from shopping for 24 hours Pyrmont Village and join this global event.

Buy Nothing Day is a stand against consumerism. At the same time, it supports independent local shops and encourages you to shop locally – our local businesses need to be supported and preserved. Also, think about where your product is made? Are the producers of the goods being paid a fair wage? Are children being used in the production process? Consider fair trade alternatives.

Moreover, on this day we should reflect on how we can live a more sustainable existence. Our planet cannot continue to support our consumerist lifestyle. In fact, if everyone in the world were to live like Australians, it would take 5.3 planet Earths to provide all of the resources and absorb all of the pollution. (AGO)

Join this event this Saturday, 29 November 2008. Here are some ideas that I read about that have worked in the past which I thought were a blast!

  • Create a Shopping Free Zone – map out a public area and crowd it with people listening to music, playing games and relaxing on sofas. Hand out stuff with Buy Nothing Day written on it.
  • Set-up a Swap Shop – all you need is a table and items to swap. Include a fake set of Porsche car keys and see if anyone takes note.
  • Good Old Temper Tantrum – Sit on the floor of a large retailer and act out a childhood tantrum. Be a big kid and yell out stuff like “I don’t want anything anymore!”

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