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Sushi Samurai Pyrmont

You’d be forgiven for not knowing about Sushi Samurai’s existence. Tucked away on Bunn Street, Sushi Samurai certainly isn’t located on Pyrmont’s main drag, but rest assured you’ll be rewarded for veering slightly off the beaten track.

One of the best things about Sushi Samurai is that you have so many options. Need something quick during a hasty lunch break? There are pre-prepared packs of sushi aplenty in their take-away section, all accompanied by miso soup. Got a bit more time to spare? Select a hand-roll off the extensive menu and have it made for you on the spot. Or you can even take a seat in the restaurant section and peruse their delicious menu of traditional Japanese cuisine. Be warned, the place is usually packed to the rafters.

Sushi Samurai makes some of the freshest sushi I’ve tasted in months. It’s certainly no food court fare, completely free of crusty chunks of rice and smoked salmon of questionable quality, which is unsurprising given that they source their sashimi fresh from the fish markets. And with prices starting from $1.80, you can choose to splurge or be nicely satisfied for under $10. My pick is the salmon and avocado take-away pack, complete with miso soup, ginger, soy and wasabi, it’s a steal at less than $8, and you’ll be satisfied for hours.

Sushi Samurai is located at 2-14 Bunn Street, and opens seven days a week from midday onwards.

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