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Sustainability and Community Gardens for Pyrmont Village Residents

community garden photo from wassenaardailyphotoblogspotcom Sustainability and Community Gardens for Pyrmont Village ResidentsAs I sat channel surfing the other night on my couch of complacency I came across a documentary on SBS about real life utopian societies. And while the idea of polyamarous relations in a shared, so-called peaceful commune setting certainly does appeal to me. It also made me question whether this lifestyle now, outside of the 1970′s could actually exist. Now that the peace signs and protests seemed to have been abandoned, can our rising urban landscapes still manage to sustain some past ideals in order to protect and provide for the future?

As an optimist I would have to say that so far with all the noise of construction projects in the streets it would seem to prove the old saying that actions speak louder than words and the City of Sydney, guided by the Lord Major Clover Moore is busy setting plans into motion for a Sustainable Sydney by the year 2030. This will see a restructuring of the city that is pedestrian friendly, environmentally aware and culturally diverse. Already in Pyrmont changes are taking place, the new Harbourside Park development will provide residents and passers by alternate entertainment from the looming facade of the Casino, with a children’s playground, boardwalk and a sheltered bay area with BBQ facilities. The park’s design is in compliance with local government’s environmental management plans, incorporating solar panels as well as a storm water collection point used for the irrigation of the park into the development procedure. Community centres, libraries and general structural improvements are also under way in other areas of Sydney which have been ecologically designed to minimise the impact on the environment. Here we see the very foundations of our communities being reconstructed around principles of sustainability, with the implementation of energy reducing fixtures, water saving devices and solar panels to promote environmentally conscious behaviour. These public changes encourage communities to recognise and ideally validate change within their own private homes.

community gardens Sustainability and Community Gardens for Pyrmont Village ResidentsThere are of course various ways in which we as individuals can move towards our utopian sustainable urban communities, to help lighten the load and a great way of doing this, would be to set up a local community garden. There are already many different gardens spread around Sydney however the closest to Pyrmont would be either Glebe community gardens or Whites creek community garden in Lilyfield.   These gardens with the help of dedicated volunteers produce fresh fruit and vegetables, offer various workshops and activities and provide a chance for connecting with other members of the community.   For more info go to Other examples of this can be seen when high rise apartment buildings convert their rooftops into lush gardens attracting various types of wildlife helping to maintain the biodiversity in the city as well as encouraging a more community feel to often sterile apartment complexes.

Community activities, events and organisations provide the keystones for group awareness and reinforce the sense of belonging to a community. In Newtown, there is an organisation called The Watershed that has been established to assist in implementing sustainable practices in the area. The Watershed provides seminars and workshops on anything from worm farming to Eco choices. They are active in the local community helping local businesses to become environmentally friendly without compromising on costs and competition.

But as we know it is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are many social issues within our little villages that need to be addressed and can’t be solved by a watering can. Socio-economic divides that drive communities apart, violent acts of discrimination, homelessness. Ensuring a sustainable community essentially means maintaining economic, social and environmental balance within that community. It is about reconditioning our own ideas and lifestyles so that we minimise the damage done to the environment and each other. I’m not sure there is such a thing as a utopia outside of the mind, but in this dystopia maybe we could try to find some kind of balance?

Article written by Gemma Fox.

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