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Sweetness & Light: Beauty Salon in Pyrmont

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Lets talk about Nails…. Finger nails, and finger nail enhancements (acrylics).

Over the years these adornments have graced celebrities, royals and common folk a like – with very little thought about the chemicals involved or of the ability of the person performing the task of applying them!
We all heard of or even had a bad experience having a “set of Nails” put on, and more recently things called “rings of fire” (red lines appearing in the natural nail plate after having acrylic nails applied) – So lets talk!!!

The main chemical component used in making acrylic nails is M.M.A (ethyl methacrylate) which is deemed by health authorities to be perfectly safe for this type of service. However, a lot of nail “chain” salons use M.M.A (methylmethacrylicate) which is deemed to be unsafe (especially when the natural nail plate is DRILLED into to create a superior bonding action of the acrylic to the natural nail plate).

How do you know who uses what or is the service provider trained properly?

Here are a few tips on how to recognize the good from the bad:

  • If the nail technician uses a lot of “Heavy” filing of the natural nail before applying acrylic.
  • Jars of product with no labelling ( chances are they are not using reputable products i.e. O.P.I or other well known acrylic systems).
  • The acrylic is PRYSED off the natural nail and not soaked off ( M.M.A does not soak off quickly or easily not to mention the permanent damage that can be done to the natural nail!!!)
  • The acrylic looks “cloudy” when dry.
  • There is a strange “sweetish ” smell the the acrylic when is is filed.

How do I know this? Being a nail technician and beauty therapist for over 20 years having worked in many salons, as well as teaching for 5 years. Our salon in Pyrmont Village prides itself on honesty and reputable ethical practices not only with our nail enhancements but ALL our beauty services (waxing, facials, spray tan etc).

Our advice is honest, professional and friendly, so if you have any concerns about all things beauty please feel free to come in or phone us – because with all the products and services available these days its hard to know just what’s what.

Sweetness & Light

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