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Thomas – Owner, btom Chartered Accountants Pyrmont

btom thomas bombotas 217 x 217 210x210 Thomas   Owner, btom Chartered Accountants Pyrmont

  1. Tell us a bit about your business btom
    btom is a modern chartered accountancy practice that specialises in servicing the distinctive needs of small business, higher income professionals and private investors. We are located on the fringe of the Sydney CBD in Pyrmont. Our key point of differentiation is that we do not charge hourly rates. We charge fixed fees for all engagements. Thomas was inspired to create btom because he believes individuals as well as small business deserve the same high levels of service as larger enterprises when it comes to business and taxation affairs. All large enterprises were small once upon a time.
  2. Why did you decide to btom to Pyrmont?
    We decided that Pyrmont was the best location for our office because the local business and residential community reflects our target client base. Furthermore, it’s a beautiful part of the city fringe which is well-accessed by public transport and provides easy entry and exit points for motor vehicles.
  3. Is there a spot in Pyrmont you really like?
    Union Square and Jones Bay Wharf
  4. Which is your favourite restaurant/cafe in Pyrmont?
    I am still discovering the local cafe & restaurant scene
  5. Name your top 3 favourite movies of all time
    Rocky II, Superman, Love Actually
  6. What do you do to relax?
    Boxing training, listening to music, and reading.
  7. If not for your existing occupation, what would you be doing?
    Working in the Media or Sporting sector.

Level 4 Suite 412
, 55 Miller St, Pyrmont NSW 2009
T: (02) 9518 7066, (02) 8197 0633
F: (02) 9518 9066

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