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Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery Exhibition for Pyrmont Art Lovers

trevor victor harvey gallery catherine abel exhibition Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery Exhibition for Pyrmont Art LoversIf you are a Pyrmont Art Lover who enjoys the annual Pyrmont Art Festival,  get along to see the Liz McKay and Catherine Abel exhibition at the Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery.

Both the featured artists at the Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery in Seaforth are recalling the sensual and elegant glamour of the 1920’s in their works. Though artists Liz McKay and Catherine Abel, who will be exhibiting until 2 July, have very different styles, their work manages to transport you to a more stylish and decadent time.

Much of McKay’s work is in rich deep colours with backdrops that range from the pastoral and nautical to the intimate sensual setting of smoky jazz clubs. Burgundy landscapes, and foreboding grey skylines are juxtaposed with intimate tender embraces. Lovers – women with red wine hair and dresses and dark haired men in charcoal suits – dance cheek to cheek in clubs. McKay’s beautiful stylish and rich portraits are both simple yet sophisticated. Her style is reminiscent of some of the most skilful children’s book illustrators, yet the tales in her portraits seem bleaker and lonelier than any children’s tale. Despite some of the settings, the large eyed figures carry with them a sort of innocence and vulnerability. In some instances it seems as though the protagonists of the painting are clinging to each other only in desperate attempt to quell the sadness that hangs over their existence. At once vibrant and moody the portraits are exquisite in their detail and emotion.

Catherine Abel’s portraits are almost like a more realistic Tamara De Lempicka. Beautiful half clad women in luxuriously detailed surrounds. The paintings are classed up pinups of women in vibrant colour. Abel, a 2006 Archibald finalist, skilfully portrays woman with the beauty and glamour not present in everyday life. Her style reflects a time when women had powder rooms and started the day with full faces of make-up. The subjects are often complicated and refined, yet in some cases, as in the case of her portrait Allure, they have a simple rustic sophistication. Allure features a light brown skinned woman with flowers in her hair, surrounded by Calla Lilly’s that are painted in a style similar to that of Diego Rivera. The figure has a dark crimson skirt that highlights her smooth skin. All of Abel’s portraits invite the viewer into an intimate feminine experience that is both erotic and glamorous. Abel’s portraits feature vixens with finger waved hair and heart-shaped lips – women in pearls who carry intricately carved silver brushes and wear silk robes.

Both Liz McKay and Catherine Abel will be exhibiting at the Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery until 2 July and it is an exhibition well worth seeing.

Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery
515 Sydney Road, Seaforth NSW 2092 Australia
Phone: (02) 9907 0595
Opening Times: Tuesday – Saturday 11:00am – 6:00pm, Sunday 12:00noon – 5:00pm

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