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Try Pyrmont Dragon Boat Racing to Improve Your Fitness

dragon boat racing pyrmont1 Try Pyrmont Dragon Boat Racing to Improve Your FitnessIn the great pursuit of getting fit in today’s modern world there are a myriad of personal fitness activities that one can endure. Recently we discussed dancing as a means of getting fit, not just any dancing either, but Turkish infused belly dancing.

Just this week we spoke to Kim Simpson from the Sydney Tsunami Dragon Boat Club and she opened our eyes to the exciting harbourside sport of Dragon Boat racing. Yes, right here in the heart of harbourside Pyrmont you can join an interesting and eclectic group of people and get fit in the process.

What’s it all about?
Have you spotted the long boats weaving their way across the waters of Blackwattle and Rozelle Bays with about 20 people wielding paddles?

Welcome to dragon boat racing, one of the fastest growing sports in the world!

Dedicated or just plain crazy?
Sydney Tsunami, a dragon boat club based at Pyrmont, is actively training through the winter months, which are usually referred to as the off-season.

Most of our winter paddlers have perfected the art of layering thermals so you can peel them off as you get warmer. So it’s actually not as cold as you would think…or maybe that just means the cold has made it through the beanies and frozen our brains!

Serious Fun
It’s our motto and we mean it!

We’re a diverse bunch of male and female paddlers of all ages and backgrounds. Our members are actively involved in NSW’s dragon boat community and our paddlers are regular inclusions in the NSW and Australian representative teams.

In addition to results on the water, the crew enjoys a full social life off the water. Sydney Tsunami’s calendar includes breakfasts after Saturday morning training, regular team dinners, and trips to race in exotic destinations like The Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Paddlers from Sydney Tsunami recently combined with paddlers from other clubs to compete as the Sydney Firedragons in the Stanley Bay Cup in Hong Kong. The trip was a great success, bringing home not one but two large trophies to add to the team’s collection.

Three for FREE
Sydney Tsunami Dragon Boat Club is running a Winter Beginner Technique session on Saturday 27 June, and we want to invite you to come along and try it.

Can’t make that date? No worries! We regularly hold “newbie” sessions, with the first three sessions for FREE.

Visit our website for details on where we meet and what to bring to a paddling session. You can also read our FAQ or contact us at if you would like to know more.

What's next?

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