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Urban Balcony Pyrmont: Gives Away Free Instant Garden

Instant Garden Native Urban Balcony Pyrmont: Gives Away Free Instant Garden Complete Native Plan1 Urban Balcony Pyrmont: Gives Away Free Instant Garden

With people these days having less time and less space in their lives, The Urban Balcony have created a series of Instant Gardens to make it easier to connect with the gardens we all once knew…and they’re giving one away to show you how easy it is.

Pyrmont based, The Urban Balcony, are running a competition to give away a free Instant Garden valued up to $2000 to coincide with the launch of their new gardens.

tubigg deep etched Urban Balcony Pyrmont: Gives Away Free Instant Garden People can enter the competition by downloading a picture of Tubigg (The Urban Balcony Instant Garden Gnome) from the website, take a photo of Tubigg placed on their own balconies and then email it through with a description of why they want an Instant Garden. The winner will be able to choose from one of seven different Instant Garden designs.

The Urban Balcony have been designing balcony gardens throughout Sydneys’ increasingly apartment inhabited inner suburbs since 2005. One trend that The Urban Balcony’s owner and head designer, Joanna Rogers, has observed over this time is the amount of people who are downsizing from their larger houses in the suburbs to a smaller apartment closer to the city.

“People are not thinking about gardens the way they used to. A lot of the time gardens are an afterthought in the whole moving process, and in some cases, can be forgotten about all together,” explains Rogers.

So have urban dwellers abandoned the idea of owning a garden? Rogers believes that it is not the case that people who live in apartments do not want a garden, it’s that they are unaware of the options available to them. “We found that there is a real need out there to offer a garden that you can already see before you buy it. To show a tangible solution that they can instantly picture working in their space.”

The Instant Garden Giveaway runs until Monday, 31 st of May. For more information on the competition and Instant Gardens visit or call (02) 8021 6456.

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