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Very Cool Urban Balconies in Pyrmont Village

apartment balcony in pyrmont Very Cool Urban Balconies in Pyrmont Villageurban balcony furnishing pyrmont apartments Very Cool Urban Balconies in Pyrmont Village

Growing numbers of us are buying into the apartment lifestyle in what seems to be a never-ending stream of developments. Some of us want to be close to the CBD, and others, including empty nesters used to having a large garden, are seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle. Right here in the village of Pyrmont are some excellent examples of beautiful apartments that have embodied the concept of living balconies.

To keep our sanity in the midst of busy city life, balconies are quickly becoming an opportunity to extend our living space and find a place to relax, eat and entertain. Thankfully architectural standards have changed and many designers are now incorporating better oriented balconies in their developments. But even with the best intentions, the ‘garden’ areas of most existing and new apartments and terraces tend to be modest.

One local company recently opened on Harris street here in Pyrmont Village in February to help with the challenges of furnishing a balcony garden. Those needs are met at the store where the products are hand selected to suit city balconies and make imaginative use of compact urban spaces.

harbour views from pyrmont apartment Very Cool Urban Balconies in Pyrmont Villagegreat views from apartment balcony Very Cool Urban Balconies in Pyrmont Village

Joanna Rogers, designer and owner of The Urban Balcony, says ”We are tapping into an area where people have real need. They don’t want to use a full-on landscape design service, but they don’t really know what to do on their own either. They have some idea of what they like and have a sense of style, but they aren’t familiar with plants and pots or styling for an outdoor environment. We help with the process, put together each other’s ideas, add our creativity and also stress the practical side of how it works”.

“One thing people tend to forget is it’s essential to choose the right size pots, plants and furniture. Well proportioned elements will add sense of drama to the space and can be used to create intimacy or frame a fantastic view. A common mistake is choosing pots too small to ensure healthy growth of plants. Even experienced gardeners who have lived in large houses often have just as much of a problem as young, inexperienced gardeners” states Joanna.

Just like Cas in North Sydney who lived with a bare balcony before asking for help. “We love our balcony so much; it is like having two extra rooms in our house”.

The Urban Balcony has a range of outdoor furnishings to create a fantastic outdoor space. Visit their store which is at 206 Harris street or go to their website where you can also make a booking for their balcony design service.

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