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Wendy Irik – Head Coach, Sydney Tsunami Dragon Boat Club in Pyrmont

Dragon Boat Wendy Irik   Head Coach, Sydney Tsunami Dragon Boat Club in Pyrmont1. Tell us a little about the Sydney Tsunami Dragon Boat Club
Sydney Tsunami Dragon Boat Club Inc. is based in Pyrmont, Sydney. We’re a diverse mix of men and women of all ages from many walks of life and our motto is Serious Fun! Tsunami aims to compete at a high level, promote good sportsmanship and participation, and aid in the development of the sport of dragon boating.
The origins of Sydney Tsunami were in the early 90′s when we competed initially under the banner of our corporate sponsors. We did so well that after a few seasons we were promoted to a sports team. In 1998/99 Sydney Tsunami was officially formed with new uniforms and a new crew, combining experience with enthusiasm. The club competes every year in the mixed, open, and women’s divisions of the regattas on the NSW Dragon Boat calendar and in 2009, as in many previous years, competed at the national championships.

In the 2005/06 season, Sydney Tsunami was voted DBNSW Club of the Year by our peers, which reflects Tsunami’s dedication to giving back to the sport through volunteering.

Overseas, the crew has won medals competing in Boracay in the Philippines in 2005; we enjoyed a successful trip to Penang in Malaysia in 2006; and in May 2009 we brought back two trophies from the races in Stanley, Hong Kong.

We always welcome new paddlers! You can be of any age and any fitness level – you just have to be willing! It’s a great way to meet a new bunch of friendly people in Sydney and to keep fit at the same time. We paddle throughout the year, so it’s always a good time to start. Best of all, the first three lessons are absolutely FREE with no obligation to join so you can try us out to see if we’re right for you. So come on down and meet us. How about this Saturday? icon smile Wendy Irik   Head Coach, Sydney Tsunami Dragon Boat Club in Pyrmont

2. What inspired you to get into Dragon Boat Racing
I became intrigued with the sport when I was on holiday in the Philippines. It looked like a fantastic way to get out on the water, meet the locals, and get fit at the same time!

3. What do you enjoy most about the sport?
After being involved in dragon boat paddling for 7 years, with the last three as head coach of Sydney Tsunami, it never fails to inspire me when I see everyone, no matter who they are off the water, come together as one and paddle in unison. Dragon boating can be as social or as serious as you want to make it!

It is a sport where in a relatively short space of time you can be given the opportunity to paddle for your state, and as I’m doing this year, for your country. I’m excited and extremely proud to be heading to Prague, Czech Republic, at the end of August this year as part of the Australian National Dragon Boat Team, to compete at the biannual World Championships!

Of course I also love participating in a sport that gets me outdoors, and in the summer, what better than a sport that keeps you cool on the water?!

4. Do you have a favourite place or cafe in Pyrmont?
After a Saturday morning training session nothing beats breakfast at Studio 4, Saunders St, at the bottom of the Network Ten building. Its the favourite spot for hoards of hungry paddlers on the weekend!

5. Name you top 3 movies of all time
1.    Million Dollar Baby
2.    The Beach
3.    Samsara

6. What is your favourite food?
I Love Malaysian and Indonesian food. My favourite restaurant at the moment is Mamak in Goulburn Street in Haymarket.

7. Who do you look up to or admire?
My personal trainer and fellow Australian Dragon Boat Teammate, Michal Hrcka. At the end of last year we decided we were both going to make it our goals to qualify for the Australian National Team and go to the World Championships in Prague. Its thanks to him and the support he’s shown me every inch of the way that I’ve made the crew (and the top ranked female at that!). I really believe that if it wasnt for him I wouldn’t be where I am today. Its exciting that our goals are coming to fruition and at the end of this month we’ll be wearing the green and gold and competing for our country!!!

To find out more about or to join the Sydney Tsunami Dragon Boat Club in Pyrmont, visit or email:

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