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What I Did For Love

 What I Did For Love

A solo cabaret show called What I Did For Love, will be playing at El Rocco, Potts Point on May 10th and 11th. The show is written by and featuring Sydney actor Anne Wilson, who will be accompanied by musical director Steven Kramer on piano. Anne recently toured the show down to the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and also performed it in 2010 as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. I had a chat with her about what she’s looking forward to for her original one woman show.

Can you tell me about your show?

It’s a show that looks at the extremes that we go to in the search for love. The extreme bliss, the extreme terror, the extreme desperate nature that people are willing to go to in order to find love and the mistakes that we make when our heads are in the clouds and we’re intoxicated with the power and the addiction that love can be.

How did you come up with the concept?

I started thinking about putting together a show about 18 months ago, and I just carried around a notebook with me and would jot down any random ideas that came to mind that either made me laugh or connected with me emotionally – it might be songs that I particularly liked, quotes. Just gradually I started to see a pattern of a kind of interesting character of someone who would fit into the cabaret realm of being highly vulnerable, highly open with herself to an audience about her search for love. That great song [by Marvin Hamlisch] ‘What I Did For Love’ came to mind, and that lyric line resonated with all the ideas that had been coming through, and they naturally came together under that title.

What part of the show are you looking forward to?

In general, surprising people. The character goes on many twists and turns and many emotional extremes from one end of the spectrum to the other. I’m looking forward to surprising audiences, that they won’t know what’s coming next and what to expect from this character. In my past shows, it’s been really rewarding when particular lines resonate with people, and have brought people to tears over it. I’m also looking forward to that connection with the audience that I believe is the power of theatre, that we don’t feel so alone when we hear our own struggles, our own foibles and weaknesses up there on stage being reflected back to us.

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All tickets are $20 at the door
7.30pm, May 10th and 11th
El Rocco Room, 154 Brougham Lane, Potts Point

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