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Who lives in Pyrmont Village?

pyrmont cafes Who lives in Pyrmont Village?pyrmont people Who lives in Pyrmont Village?

To find out more about the who lives in Pyrmont, we checked out the latest ABS Statistics which were released in October last year (2006 Census QuickStats: Pyrmont). While the profile does vary, the majority of Pyrmont residents could be described as new, urban professionals.

Some of the key highlights from the ABS stats are outlined below:

No. Of Residents: Approx. 11,000

Although the latest reports indicate that there are 12,000 residents and this is expected to increase by half again between 2001 and 2010.

Female: 52.4%
Male: 47.6%

There is a slightly higher proportion of females to males, so come on you single guys move over to Pyrmont and even things out!

Age: The largest age group is 25 – 54 years 62.7%, followed by 15-24 at 17.1%

Pyrmont is a young suburb with the median age of 31, compared to 37 years for persons in Australia. With 62.7% of the community aged between 25-54, this is 20% above when comparing it to the rest of Australia. There is also 12.7% of persons aged 55 years and over, who are predominantly empty nesters.

Never married: 57.7%
Married: 30.5%

There is certainly a large population of singles in Pyrmont. In fact, almost double that of total Australian numbers of those never married, which is at 33.2%. Of the families in the area, the majority (62.5%) are couples without children.

Occupation: The largest age group are Professionals 35.9%, followed by Managers at 19.6%

The majority of residents in Pyrmont are in professional or management roles with these 2 groups more than 20% above the number across the whole of Australia. This is only expected to increase with more businesses moving into the area. In 2009, Google Australia will be moving it’s HQ into Workplace6 – NSW’s first 6 star Green Star building.

Medium Individual Income: $905 (weekly)

Pyrmont residents are fortunate to be earning a good income, which is almost double when compared to $466 (medium individual income) in Australia.

Type of Dwelling: 94.8% are flats, units or apartments

It is predominantly a apartment living in Pyrmont. Of the 5,565 occupied private dwellings in Pyrmont: 0.3% were separate houses, 4.9% were semi-detached, row or terrace houses, townhouses etc, and 94.8% were flats, units or apartments and 0.1% were other dwellings.

Tenure-Type Occupied: 45.6% rented (including rent-free)
Median Rent Weekly: $400

The majority of dwellings in Pyrmont are being rented and it is much higher than the Australian numbers at 27.2%. While the rents in Pyrmont are high (and increasing) compared to Australia where the median rent weekly was only $190, as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. If you wish to be treated to a vibrant village community and surrounded by gorgeous parks, Sydney Harbour, delectable restaurants and cafes, great pubs and bars and boutique stores, yet be only minutes walk from the city, then Pyrmont is the only place to be!

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