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Winner of Pyrmont Village Prize for Pyrmont Art Festival

3rd prize art award by amanda seddon sponsored by pyrmont village Winner of Pyrmont Village Prize for Pyrmont Art Festival winner amanda seddon left with amanda pyrmontvillagecomau Winner of Pyrmont Village Prize for Pyrmont Art Festival was a proud sponsor of the recent Pyrmont Art Festival. It was a great day filled with a vibrant community spirit which very much reinforces our mission of “supporting my community”, this being the community of the wonderful village of Pyrmont. The prize was awarded to the 3rd place winner, Amanda Seddon.

I had the pleasure in meeting Amanda in person to present her with our prize and asked her to tell me a little bit about herself and her thinking behind the piece submitted for the Pyrmont Art Festival.

“We take family day trips to the Blue Mountains where we take a lot of landscape photography and do a bit of hiking and exploring. My partner and our two daughters take their own photographs which I often use for painting reference also. The particular view I painted was of the stair/track that lead up to Banks’ Mountain. I painted it from a series of photographs I had taken on the day.”

“I had been looking around Pyrmont to open up an artists space/gallery when my partner came across the Art Festival and I decided to enter. I found painting the work on a small canvas a welcome challenge, as the smallest scale I usually work with is about 90cm by 61 cms.”

Amanda was born in Bathurst, graduated from Kelso High School (qualifying for Art Express, but the work was deemed too fragile for transport to selection process), then attended a BA of Visual arts at UWS for 2 years. She qualified to show in the 2005 Sulman prize with the work ” Pat the dog; little pup – Marsden park casanova”, which was an experimental work done with string.

Amanda has since concentrated on a few private commissions and donated paintings/props to her children’s school and library for occasions such as education weeks, etc. She works on her art full-time, and runs a structural and garden edging manufacturing business with her partner. She is currently working on photorealism landscapes and commission works and murals for Bren Fosters martial arts gym in Minchinbury, which will have Korean mythology themes.

To see more of Amanda’s great work check it out at

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