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“Words that Open..” on Show at Clayworkers Gallery in Glebe: Pyrmont Art

and the Word Heather Fisher “Words that Open..” on Show at Clayworkers Gallery in Glebe: Pyrmont ArtFollowing hot on the heels of the ever popular Sydney Teapot Show at Glebe’s Innercity Clayworkers Gallery, is an exhibition of recent works by new co-op member, Heather Fisher.

“Words that Open…” is the intriguing title of this show.  Heather tells us of her love of the written, and spoken (and sung) word. “Communication is enhanced wonderfully when we can carefully choose the exact word to express our meaning – it’s like a bell ringing a true note.  Even though words are really arbitrary– like most things – they are what we say they are, because we all agree that they are what we say they are! – still, literature, lyrics, poetry, cultural stories, can stay with us for a lifetime, fulfilling something deep within us that may otherwise go untouched.”  “I’m having a bit of fun with words in this show, as well as expressing some concepts dear to my heart.”

Heather trained at St George and East Sydney TAFEs during the 80s when traditional, functional pottery was at its pinnacle.  “The training was very technical – we learnt so much about making clay, developing glazes (testing, testing, testing), as well as a very fine tutoring in the beauty of form, balance, weight and surface treatment.  I will always be grateful that I was privy to such expert tuition”.

Having taken quite a long break from her craft, (life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans…) Heather is happily back in her studio, making again.  She has “refreshed” her knowledge by completing, in 2007, the Advanced Diploma of Ceramics at Gymea TAFE.  She is also the newest addition to the Innercity Clayworkers Gallery Co-operative – a well-loved local entity that has been in existence for almost 30 years.  Many a prominent potter of today cut their teeth at Clayworkers!  There are currently 10 members and 4 gallery experience members at the Gallery, working in a diverse range of materials and techniques.   Visitors have a wide and exciting selection of beautiful clay pieces from which to make a choice for a special gift – or just a lovely object to have for themselves.

“Words that Open….  “ runs from Thursday, 3 September 2009 until Sunday 13 September 2009, at Innercity Clayworkers Gallery, Corner St John’s Rd & Darghan St, Glebe, with opening night on Friday, 4 September from 6:00pm-8:00pm.  Gallery hours are 10.30am-6.00pm Thursday to Sunday.  Karen Weiss, past Vice-President of the Australian Ceramics Association, herself a writer and ceramicist will open the show.  Innercity Clayworkers Gallery extends a warm invitation for the opening night, or to visit the gallery.

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